Apprentice Circles

We are currently accepting applications for our next apprentice cycle.

If you are interested in participating,
please send inquiries and an Apprentice Survey to
the Mentors
or any HPS listed below.

The Birch Grove in Concord

A magical grove tapping into the magic of the British Isles. We are explorers of the old Celtic archetypes, the world of Faery, and the legends of Arthur and other heroes of Britannia.

HP: Lord Shade

The Fig Grove in Berkeley

Honoring the Egyptian netjer, we weave our magic through craft, herbalism, the healing arts and laughter.

HPS: Lady Mau

The Yew Grove in Walnut Creek

Will be forming during the next apprentice cycle. We will be honoring the Horned Goddess and God.

HPS: Lady Pink

Questions about the Apprenticeship with OSG

What do you require from apprentices?

If you are seeking to become an apprentice, we ask that you be willing to put aside a year-and-a-day of your life to devote to your training. This may mean "clearing your plate" of other commitments. Most students are well able to juggle their apprenticeship with college, marriage and jobs. But be sure you have enough free time to devote towards your studies.
We ask that you have sufficient desire and drive to make it through the year of study. This is also a big commitment for your mentor and we want to be sure we are investing our energy in a dedicated student.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the apprenticeship program?

There are a few tasks that must be completed, such as deciding on your craft name and constructing your white apprentice robe. Your mentor will give you the details of of these tasks and others when you meet. She may suggest some basic reading, depending on your past experience.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

No. We are prohibited from charging any fees for OSG teachings. However you may be asked to share in any expenses incurred by the mentor for craft supplies for meetings. These fees will be very minimal.

How can I be sure that my mentor is a qualified teacher?

All mentors of OSG are adepts in the Order. They have been studying with us for many years and are well versed in the philosophies and practices of Witchcraft.

I don't live near any working groves, can I still apprentice?

Sorry, but no. The apprenticeship is not just about book learning. Many of the skills and teachings require real life, face to face contact.

I can't make the apprenticeship program for the next cycle. When will you be offering it again?

We don't have a regular, predictable schedule of apprenticeship programs. It depends on the need of the Order and the availability of mentors. Individual mentors and High Priestesses occasionally take on personal apprentices. You can ask to be put on a waiting list if you'd like.

How can I learn more?

Fill out an apprentice survey and email it to us. Someone will contact you to set up a meeting. Or email us your questions.

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